BDO Patch Notes - 04.13.16



  • The Easter event has partially ended.
    • You will no longer be able to collect Easter Eggs.
    • The NPC Quests related to the event will be enabled and available until the 20th.

  • Tier 1 pets can learn a skill when it reaches level 10.
  • Max HP for Tier 5 Horses has been increased.

  • Red Battlefield
    • Status for the Red Battle Field has been organized according to channels.
    • Only 4 channels will be listed as available for the Red Battlefield.
    • The minimum required players for the match to begin has been increased from 2 players to 10 players.

  • A Music option has been added to the Game Setting > Sound Tab

  • Solved
    • Monsters sometimes not taking damage from ranged attacks has been fixed.