BDO Patch Notes - 04.08.16



Black Desert Online April 8 Patch Notes. Today’s patch brings in auto looping and allow tier 1 pets to gain skills. In addition there will be 10% combat bonus XP for the weekend.
The Auto-path looping feature has been enabled in-game.
  • The following items have been excluded from the store in Red Battlefield.
    • [Battlefield] Instant HP Potion (XL)
    • [Battlefield] Instant MP Potion (XL)
Those who are already in possession of the items above will see them replaced with those below:
  • [Battlefield] Instant HP Potion (XL) > [Battlefield] HP Potion (XL)
  • [Battlefield] Instant MP Potion (XL) > [Battlefield] MP Potion (XL)
Minor adjustment for AP/DP at the Red Battlefield
  • Corrected : Minimum DP balancing has been increased
  • Corrected : HP balancing at the beginning of the battle has been removed
  • Corrected : HP balancing granted to the losing team has been decreased.
Tier 1 Pet can now obtain skills when level 10 is reached. (Players who already have Level 10 pets will also get new skills)

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