Just Another Fishing Guide


When you arrive at someone's hot spot treat it with some respect.  Form a circle around the floats and then we can get nice screen shots.  


What Is A Hot Spot?

My definition of a hotspot is any area that you cannot fish junk.  
Hotspots are not black and white like some people make them out to be. There’s the well known hotspots with the changed loot tables and loads of yellow and blue fish. However I noticed that there is definitely spots that have a high chance of getting blues and yellows which don’t have the same loot table that the well known spots. This is not just anecdotal evidence but pretty much verified over the course of a couple of days.

Where are your Top Secret Spots?

My Super top super secrets are private (but i like guests!) enjoy these.  All I ask is a follow on the stream and consider helping me out with the search.  

Epheria 1

Epheria 2

How To Find A Hot Spot?

With the given information the most efficient way to find a hotspot is to sale a fishing boats length and cast your rod/float in all 4 directions (front of boat, back of boat, left right).

Only move/change float position when you pick up Junk.  

It takes a lot of patience and time.  

Size of Hot Spot?

For now we class a hotspot as the size of a fishing boat.

Look for landmarks, these easier to find the better.  Don’t waste time searching.  

Can You Open The Map?

Yes you can! While fishing you can press M and then use the /reloadui command to show the map while fishing.

Will You Open The Map?

No, I like viewers to share information amongst themselves and for people to figure out where the fishing hotspots are. That said we are open to giving information about the hotspots.

Tldr ; Put Thick rod or Steel Rod in Hotspot

How Do I Teleport?

Press ESC > Escape.  This takes you to land.

Where Should I Dock My Boat?

I never dock my boat, leaving your boat out allows you to speak to any wharf manager and remote check in for 1,000 silver.  Save time by opening up a portal to your boat!


Is The Cash Shop Gear Worth It?

As a cosmetic item yes, in terms of buffs to fishing no, since you get to 5 fishing ability easily with just a Silver Embroidered Fishing Cloth, food and the fishing buff from the guild perks.

The actually good part about the fishing costume is the increased swimming speed and the reduced stamina cost of it. You move about as fast a fishing boat and you’re gonna be able to just swim out to other people's boats and fish from there.

Items to Increase Your Fishing Level

Thick Fishing Rod (+1), Steel Fishing Rod (+2), Gold Fishing Rod (+3), Fruit Wine (+1), Balenos Special (+2) Guild Perk: Art of Fishing (+1/+2/+3)

What Does Wine Do?

Wine increases your fishing ability by +1 which increases the rate at which you catch fish.

(press p)

What Does Paste Bait Do?

Paste bait increases your fishing ability, but only lasts for 5 minutes. It’s a great way to bolster your fishing ability early on, but becomes increasingly useless as you work on your fishing gear.

Where Do I Trade The Fish?

Trade fish at the fishing vendor.  See a trading/node guide for details.

Why Did You Throw Away X?

Fish it harder, Fish it Better. Fish is love, Fish is life

What Are The Different Tiers Of Fish?

White 1-1,5k.
Green 2-4k
Blue 5-7k
Yellow 20-24k
Orange 125k

How Big Is Your Inventory?

Currently 61 slots, the more the better though. Don’t forget about your weight limit though.

What Should I Throw Away?

Everything less than a blue

Should I throw away keys?  

I have no idea!  Check out someone who does know..

Drying vs Selling
In order to climb up the ranks you must make a significant silver investment.  10-20 million is roughly how much i spent.  Everything is available on the marketplace.  

Can roughly make 2 million per 2 hours.  

Glassia - Drying vs selling

In regards of economy, commerce and trading. Now it is worth traveling to the nearest trader and not catching 5 or so fish for the 190% more of what you would get to sell fresh fish instead of drying? I think so.

10 Fresh John Dory = 89k      vs     Package Dried John Dory (10 dried) = 10k
1 Fresh Grunt = 20k                vs    1  Dried grunt = 2.6k

I dry to increase time fishing and increase processing. It does lose some money, but high level processors don’t actually lose that much, since you can get a lot of dried fish from drying once.

After 4 hours fish start to decrease in value > dry food does not - it starts lower in price.

What is the BDO Fishing Guide?

Fishing guide tracks each individual fish and the largest size caught by all players

Wtb Biggest Mao Mao

Does Fish Size Matter?

inconclusive as of yet, some say bigger fish = more fishing exp, others say just for the leaderboards

Rod Types

Old Rod  Obtained from any fishing vendor
Thick Rod +1 Fishing ability Ladies love thick rods.
Steel Rod +2 Fishing ability
Calpheon Rod Increase chance to catch big fish
Epheria rod Enchanting it with Blackstones increases durability. Great for longer AFK fishing
Balenos Balenos rod decreases afk timer and durability by 5

Comment regarding Balenos: Balenos rod decreases afk timer and durability by 5. This is my rod of choice as a +10 rod decreases my afk fishing over night by 75 minutes for 100 durability. Mediah rod is the best for active fishing but it is not currently available.

Floats take up your off hand slot and can only be used after professional 1
They give various buffs similar to the fishing rods

Maple Float increased chance to catch a rare fish (artisan 1)
Ash Tree Float increased chance to catch a big fish (professional 1)

All floats can be repaired!

Fishing Boat Necessary?

Fishing boat is great and should be worked toward but the ferry is a good alternative.  

The only reason you need a fishing boat is to use harpoons

What Does The Fishing Resource Mean?

Not Enough

Always fish abundant if possible.

Does Float Position Or Player Position Determine Whether You Are In The Hot Spot?

The float position is decides your fishing location, so make sure that’s in the hot spot not yourself.

Should I Invest Energy Into Casting My Rod?

No.  Only if you have max energy.   Better use is bargaining with traders

Only ever invest 10 energy at a time.  Minimum investment is 10 energy

Should I Invest Energy Into Nodes For Fishing?

According to a guide on reddit investing energy into nodes for fishing increases the chance that you will catch a silver key.


What Is A Tornado?

It has no bearing on the quality of fish.  We need more time with tornados! Sail deep.  

Deep Sea fishing

Different mini game - based on reflex.

Fishing Hot Bar

Ok ok.  Fill your hotbar with  fishing trinkets.  

To make yourselves more limber keep a rod on hotbar 1 and a sword on 2.  You can quick switch without touching the mouse.