You can have a second/third/fourth action bar

In settings, under game, check the box for Custom Action Bars, now you can drag any skill or item outside of your inventory, as if you were going to destroy it, but since you clicked Custom Action Bars, instead of destroying it, it creates a Quick Slot wherever you drop it!

Want to move it? Click in the middle of the red thing that pops up when you hover over it. Want to reassign the key assigned to it? Set it in Input under the Settings, or click the little gear icon inside the red bar that pops up when you hover over it. You can now have as many action bars as you like, wherever you like.

One more tip, remember to use the Edit UI button in your ESC menu so you can move the health bar around and such to fit your setup.

EDIT: If you want to delete items in this mode, drag it to the giant trashcan in the bottom right of your inventory that you all seem to be missing somehow :P

** Put Cheap Feed on hotbar for faster feeding.
** Or even twice on hotbar, so you can double tap for even faster feeding!!