Quick and Easy Guide to Knowledge Gathering

Quick and Easy Guide to Knowledge Gathering

On my quest to research all knowledge in the BDO realm, I have come across plenty of helpful tips, but never an actual explanation on how easy it is to look up everything. You may already know all of this, but I sure wish I knew when I first started grinding knowledge!

Step 1: Locate knowledge hint through the Knowledge Menu (H button).

Step 2: Pull up bddatabase.net and input hint into search box. This will bring up at least 3 of the search results shown below:

Step 3: Most, but not all, of the Character and Ecology knowledge can be found by clicking the NPC link from the results page to bring up a map to the designated location.

Cobweb, for instance, is in the Ecology section under Serendia Insects.

When searching the site for Cobweb and clicking the NPC link, a map will indeed come up with the location of the item. However, if you were to go there and find the cobweb item, you would not get credit for the knowledge.

If you get stuck, you can always double check by clicking the Item link for the knowledge in the search results and find out that in this case, the knowledge is learned from an NPC named Amaranto at 200 amity.

A few pieces of knowledge do not give any hints when you hover over the question marks, for instance the Fish Species category under Ecology. The bddatabase.net website has an alternate way to find these unknown knowledge tidbits using the drop down menus at the top of the website.

This method has served me well so far for Character, Ocean, and Ecology categories. The rest of this guide will focus on the hard bits of knowledge that I have had issues finding. I will add more when I encounter or hear about them.

Water Strider - Luckily, I had only killed 10 before I found out that you needed to rent a practice matchlock and shoot one of these for its knowledge.