BDO Patch Notes - 03.16.16


Event & System
  • 3 new channels (Valencia 1,2,3) have been added to all servers for now, to handle the increased population and secure a stable gameplay experience
  • Requesting a Chat Ban has changed as follows;
    • Cost is now 15 Energy to request a Chat Ban.
    • Chat Ban duration has been increased.
  • A Roleplay chat channel has been added.
    • This channel is off by default but can be enabled in settings.
    • Talking in RP Chat will cost 1 Energy
  • Ratio for horse breeding has been increased to produce more high tier horses.
  • Witch/Wizard
    • Can no longer accidentally resurrect opponents.
    • Damage to frozen opponents has been increased up to 20%.
Holiday Event
  • Start: March 16th 09:00 UTC (After maintenance)
  • End: March 21st 09:00 UTC (With maintenance)
    • Event Title: Saint Patrick’s Day
    • Green Dye Bundle price reduced from 120 pearls to 80 pearls.
    • Add a one-time purchase Green Dye for 1 Loyalty.
  • Cash Shop
  • The following items have had their tool-tip corrected.
    • Agerian Helmet
    • Agerian Helmet of Iron Wall
    • Agerian Helmet of Agility
    • Agerian Helmet of Intimidation
    • Agerian Helmet of Destruction
    • Agerian Helmet of Sacrifice
    • Ultimate Agerian Helmet
  • Added new Field Boss “Dastard Bheg”
  • The following Field Boss mechanics have changed.
    • Each Field Boss now has a fixed spawn location.
    • All Field Bosses will not return to full heath if they leave combat.
    • Field Bosses will now attack players who get too close to them with a ranged attack and are invincible when not in combat.
  • Green Orc Skeleton Warrior has had an HP increase.
  • Green Orc Elite Soldier population around Hexe Marie has been increased.
  • Monster arrangement at Calpheon Shrine has been modified and population has been increased.
  • Monster arrangement at Abandoned Monastery has been modified and population has been increased.
  • Changed the horse “Parking” notice to only appear above your horse.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would clip underground when sitting or crawling.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would be under water when they logged in after logging out on a boat.
  • Pet Breeding is disabled pending system changes.
  • The standard on Channel Server Status has been changed.
    • Example: The number of players need to change status from Crowded to Overrun.