BDO Patch Notes - 03.03.16

Game System
  •  Localization
    • Updated the Exit Menu change channel button to display “Channel” instead of “Server”.
    • Updated the "Release" button for horses to "Delete" to avoid confusion
    • Fixed the issue were February 29th was not being displayed in the “My Journal” or “Guild Journal” windows.
    • Fixed the issue where the message "Press 'I' to drink a potion" in the tutorial was placed outside the box.
    • Fixed misplaced trade related texts.
  • Classes
    • Fixed the issue where Witch's forehead and cheekbones were protruding helmets due to the size differences in the NA version.
    • Locations of helmets, glasses, and piercings on Witch's and Wizard's faces were modified according to their updated face shapes.
    • Tamer's overall balance was adjusted.
    • Fixed the issue where dye slots for Tamer and Witch were missing.
    •  Fixed the issue where some Warrior Skills did not function properly.

  •  Quests
    • Fixed the issue where the alert sound was played every time an item count goes up in a guild quest.
    • Changed the condition for activating the combo tutorial quest for all classes.
    • Changed the conditions for activating the potion drinking tutorial quest.
    • Added additional guidance for Balenos Quests to smooth progression.
  • Items
    • Fragment of Memory acquisition adjusted.
  • NPCs
    • Monster AI has been adjusted for more vigilance.

Known Issues
  • If you log out with the Combo Tutorial Quest active you will have to abandon it and take it again from the Black Spirit.
  • Remaining Text-Cuts; those are being addressed over time and will be fixed